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Mark Richardson Quotes

8 Mark Richardson quotes:

"We want to know where it will be so we don't inhibit our growth."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Flat-panel plasma TVs are on fire. It slowed a little bit in the fall, and now it's back. The prices are pretty extraordinary for the size of the TV."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Two-thirds of our clients are dual-income families . . . it's a matter of time, stress, disposable income."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"It will be a great service to the community."
"We want him to live the rest of his life in happiness and we want to be a part of his life as we possibly can. We love him very much."
"Let's look at the past 20 years - maybe you had a lot of catching up to do. You're looking backwards as your reason for not getting a settlement this time."
Author: Richardson Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Any form of exercise that raises your heart rate and leaves you slightly breathless, if done on a regular basis, is extremely beneficial."
"Exercise doesn't have to leave you exhausted for it to make a difference to your health."

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