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"He clearly has the best access of any elected official in the country to the White House. And this is a White House plan to open Florida's coast to drilling."
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"Allowing any drilling off the coast poses a serious threat to our way of life and our economy. We would like to see our policy-makers fighting to oppose any drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico."
"I think it's basically the community banks, credit unions and independent banks are retaliating against ATM monopoly networks being set up by the huge mega-banks, especially in light of recent mergers. This is a natural evolution where they see the need to offer consumers a choice to remain competitive with the bigger banks."
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"It's clear Florida is dead in the sights of the oil industry and their allies in Congress and the White House."
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"Any pro-environmental piece of legislation has a hard road to travel in this Congress. It's not going to be a walk in the park, not with current leadership in some of these committees."
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"It is not a policy debate that's being shoved in our faces right now."
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