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Josh Martin Quotes

7 Josh Martin quotes:

"It helps future-proof, to some extent, the consumer's purchase. If a unified format is developed, it will probably be supported by the player, or if one is a de facto market winner, the consumer hasn't lost out."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"They are similar, and completely different. They come from the same place: pure passion, hatred, scorn, lost love, the whole thing. I think you can say that for every kind of music, but there's something very authentic about when it comes from one man and his guitar, or someone just plugging in and playing, bashing away at drums and chords--it feels more real."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"I think the main thing he's done is give a renewed sense of pride to police officers, the town and the citizenry. He did an amazing job in a very short time."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"Skiing is one of the older-generation sports. It's a tough sport to perfect, and to watch it, you get a good sense of what it means to be good."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"The delay may give them the opportunity to negotiate instead of rushing to market."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"If it's one drive, it's going to be a step in the right direction. But if you're talking about putting together two devices into one, it's kind of a stop-gap arrangement."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"On the perimeter, our guys are long and real athletic quick. The last couple days, we've really tried to work on getting out and contesting (shots) and giving help to our teammates."
Author: Martin Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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