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5 Jeffrey Maxick quotes:

"The market already knows this is going to happen. There are so many things going wrong for the company right now, and this is just one."
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"Companies have to invest in research and development, lest their competitors pass them by. And they have to spend money in sales and marketing to make sure their products are getting their due in terms of promotion. Right now, the environment is so competitive that it's impossible to shift the increase in costs to the consumer, and companies are getting their margins squeezed."
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"They're trying to diversify their bets. They don't know who will be the leader in this space, and they want to have a presence with whoever has the potential to be the leader."
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"If you look at a company like Dell, it's gone up so much so fast that there was little support between 120 and 130, so its not surprising that they would give some of it back."
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"This was beyond most people's wildest dreams. They keep running on all cylinders and I don't see anything in the way to stop it."
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