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"I think that Ford has been committed to being an environmentally sound company for years, but they've been short on real commitments to achieve that lofty promise. Hopefully, there is more to come."
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"[The company said it would offer 280,000 flex-fuel vehicles that run on gas or ethanol next year, including, for the first time, a version of its Ford F-150 pickup truck.] With fewer than 400 ethanol stations in the entire country, it will be important for them to follow through on plans to promote ethanol sales, ... Otherwise, their increased flexible-fuel vehicle sales will actually exacerbate our oil dependence."
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"Ford has always been willing to listen. But the reality is that their products have continued to lag behind much of the industry in environmental performance, ... Ford and GM are in junk-bond status. It would be insane to keep offering the same products."
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"It's unfortunate, given high gas prices, that the president hasn't taken the opportunity to offer real solutions for drivers, ... minuscule."
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