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"They did an OK job for the quarter -- it looked like a respectable job. The true test comes in the holiday season -- and we don't have enough data points yet to know how well they'll do."
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"The numbers are there. They're seeing better comps (comparable-store sales). They are resetting the aisles, or just repositioning some of the product, and they're getting more competitive from a pricing point of view. But it's still a challenge. It's a very competitive environment for them."
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"Probably from a lot of perspectives, the fact that they hired someone with a substantial position with a growth company is a statement about what they think they will be able to do. They needed to get to the next level. I think Floyd did a phenomenal job getting them out of an incredibly deep hole. Floyd wasn't going to run this for another five years. They had to get to the next round of management. This is pretty impressive."
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