Saul Berman Quotes

4 Saul Berman quotes:

"Advertising is at its beginning with this. There are so many directions it can go from here, and there are opportunities to sell more effectively through highly targeted ads. Advertisers should embrace this change."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Advertising Quotes
"Restrictions will dissolve and people will have access to content and the ability to move it between the content reservoir and their devices whenever they want."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Music videos will work because music is secondary and audio is primary. Sports highlights, not the game, will work because if I can get the play-by-play that's probably enough."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"Technology has to be deployed on a global basis and has to be user friendly."
Author: Berman Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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