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Burke Stinson Quotes

6 Burke Stinson quotes:

"Everyone in the room is looking at the show, versus a football game, where two thirds are kind of watching and a third are only pretending they're interested."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"For years AT&T was a very predictable company... a company that prided ourselves on the past -- and in many cases let the past be prologue."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Times have changed. The idea of working for the same company until you're 65 is quaint, but not common."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"The lessen is that sometimes the parts are worth more than the whole."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"Instead of making doubly sure, we're making triply sure that there are no inadvertent mistakes slipped in with any new systems or software that could cause a problem."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"Our experience is probably not that much different from other companies."
Author: Stinson Quotes Category: Experience Quotes

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