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"As any bidder, Smith & Johnson was required to secure services of a bonding company in the role of an insurance company. If for whatever reason the contractor is unable to perform, the bonding company steps in and takes over responsibility for the work."
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"They had gotten complaints from subcontractors and vendors who were not getting paid in a timely manner. As the complaints became more frequent, it was a sign the contractor was having some serious problems and would be unable to fulfill their obligations. That is when it reached the point to protect the commission's interest and take the steps necessary to get the project finished."
"We have made design adjustments with the intent of avoiding the shrine. We are pretty confident we will be able to avoid it."
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"The way I feel now, I'm 45 years old and I have a new life. I feel reborn. I'm alive again."
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"Work is behind, but 65 percent is not that far behind. Whether or not we'll be able to open the highway on time remains to be seen. The situation will be clearer in a week or two."
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