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Maryann Jakubczyk Quotes

6 Maryann Jakubczyk quotes:

"We need $200,000 roughly in donations. We will soon be putting information on our Web site as to what we need."
"Once the house is completed a company will transport it to the naval yard, probably in Philadelphia, and it will then travel by barge to Louisiana. The kids are doing all of the work, such as the fundraising. They are going to sell T-shirts and also houses for $1, which will go on the wall at the Western Center and then be laminated to the house when it is shipped."
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"What the house looks like will be a total surprise to the family when they see it. They know it is coming but they don't know what it will be like."
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"Once the house is completed we will have a team of student, administrator and teacher volunteers who will travel to Louisiana to complete the project. We have the support of the National Guard to take care of our volunteers while they are there."
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"We had no idea who he was. But he took on this project and he?s got the kids here all going bananas about it."
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"We are so excited about this. We space it out so that all of the students get to work on it. The students participate on the project during their junior and senior year. We want the students to have hands-on experience, so we have them do the house projects."
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