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Marilyn Oliveira Quotes

8 Marilyn Oliveira quotes:

"Changing your name legally, you write it down on the marriage license and it's legally changed. It's notifying everyone else in the world that's the problem."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"If it's a large venue where there are multiple rooms and events happening at once, crashing is more likely to happen. Crashers are often dressed appropriately already, so it happens more easily."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"I certainly wouldn't say (wedding crashing) is an epidemic, but it does happen."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Wedding Quotes
"This is the first thing the couple should discuss. Their ideas can be very different. You may want a formal wedding; he may want to go to Vegas. You need to discuss what you envision ? the size, the level of formality. If you have very different ideas, then start negotiating on what is really important to the both of you."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"Some are more ornate, decorative, with engravings or tri-colored gold, just a little bit of color."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Gold Quotes
"Planning the nursery comes soon enough, maybe at the same time. Don't do both."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"Not only does that allow you to comparison-shop to make sure you're getting the right company, but it also gives you some familiarity with alternative vendors so you don't have to start from scratch if there's a cancellation."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"When it comes to family, a lot of times they think the more the merrier, and it doesn't occur to them that the couple is paying $50 per person, or that space may be limited, or that the couple wants an intimate ceremony."
Author: Oliveira Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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