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Bill Parcells Quotes

117 Bill Parcells quotes:

"We're happy to win on the road. Any time you come some place on a Monday night, especially a rivalry like this, and you're able to win, you have to be very happy."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Now listen, you can't write those code words I was using out there, understand? That's strategy. I don't mind you writing about practice, but don't give away anything. I saw you out there."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"We weren't going to offer them big money to stay so I keep the young guys and hopefully develop one of them,"
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"With the NFL Network, you can scout the Senior Bowl pretty good right now from your living room. But I am sorry I'm not there this year. You can tell a lot more when you see players up close."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"It's not just an opinion, ... We visually have the performance."
"This is the time of the year when optimism runs high, and I'm looking forward to it,"
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes
"Mentally, he doesn't have any problems at all, ... Very rarely will he make a mental error. Sometimes it may be something he hasn't seen that happens and he's not quite certain about that. But anything he's seen, he pretty well knows."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"I think first of all he's in better condition. He hasn't had any weight problems."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"When you get a guy out of high school, you never know what you're going to get. I thought he was a bright guy and he learned quickly. I gave him a lot of different jobs when he was with me and I think that really helped him move ahead. He coached the backs, the tight ends, the receivers -- he did a lot of different jobs and he did them well."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: School Quotes
"[Parcells said he challenged the players before the game, saying it was their responsibility to take what they have learned from the coaches in meetings and apply it onto the field.] I told them, ... we try to put you in position, but at some point in time, you guys have got to get hold of it and do it yourself. I told them that if you are ever going to be any good, a coach has to be able to turn the game over to you... today is the day when you guys need to do that."
"running around like he's lost."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"I would say no, ... But he's got to work through it."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Trying to get his diapers off, ... Having a little trouble, but we'll get them off."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"We've been trying to get our hands on Fujita all summer,"
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"I don't really know what the player can do yet, ... We're trying to find that out. Also we're trying to integrate him into the system. ... We'll see how that plays out."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"The entire offensive line is reliant on the center to make the proper calls, ... So I'm going to keep trying to work him in there. But if his time does diminish, that will be the reason. Physically, he's doing fine. But we can't afford to have an early snap and couple of mental errors in a short period of play time when everyone else in not making any."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"He's a good player, that kid. I'm sure he was trying to put a little pressure on his team to respond positively."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"He's a grown man. He's much different than being a 20-year-old out of college. He has four children now and his maturity has come a long way. I'm able to communicate with him on a much different level."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"If you’re keeping them on the team, you have to use them, ... You don’t have much choice. We have a lot of them active, and you have to put them in there. That’s what we’re trying to do."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"He's maturing. This is a tough transition this kid is making from a down defensive linemen in college to an outside linebacker in this type of defense in the pros. It's a physical transition and it's a mental transition."
Author: Parcells Quotes Category: College Quotes

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