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"Historically, it's not like GM has always been a great company. It's had it's cyclical down periods. But you need to look at the import of GM, not as much a stock but as a barometer of the economy."
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"Most people are willy-nilly with their approach, ... They follow the trends. They buy what is popular. They listen to a hot tip from friends. They don't do much research. But if you are never sure why you buy anything in the first place, then you can get into trouble. ... You need to take the emotions out of it."
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"Valuations are getting stretched, especially in the technology sector. There may be some recovery in the economy, but the notion that it will translate into a big jump in corporate profits - the jury is still out on that."
"If a company is going to raise its dividend, they're sure they can continue to pay it."
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