Robin Munro Quotes

4 Robin Munro quotes:

"No one is out there keeping officials' feet to the fire to see that the law is applied. The whole government policy is so heavily slanted toward the investors these days that they've totally lost sight of social justice."
Author: Munro Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"If you publicize a problem but do nothing about it, what you produce is compassion fatigue. You get a lot of reports about these disasters, but nothing ever changes. Just publicity by itself is not nearly enough."
Author: Munro Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"Major disasters involving heavy loss of life have just shot up. It's in direct correlation to profits and production. They're ignoring safety in the interest of bringing the coal up to the surface."
Author: Munro Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"One of the main problems right now is that miners' lives are simply too cheap. The mines don't have to make safety a priority."
Author: Munro Quotes Category: Problems Quotes

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