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David Burton Quotes

7 David Burton quotes:

"There is scope to do more, ... a favorable environment to allow greater exchange rate flexibility."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Everyone's vision is that Wellington can be more than the winter equestrian capital. I think it can be the equestrian capital -- winter, spring and fall."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"I think everybody feels a little bit of compassion, that wants to help out in some way and this is our kids'‚ way of wanting to do it. The kids really initiated everything."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Compassion Quotes
"It also occurred to me, what's the nature of the emergency? They did not point that out."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"I know what it’s like, ... I know what these men are going through. I know every one of them, and it pains me that I’m not over there with them."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"I think it (Japan's economic outlook) will certainly be revised upwards, probably significantly, in light of the strong performance recently."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"Japan's recovery is really firmly based and it is driven by domestic demand. For the rest of Asia, the pace of growth is expected to continue at a decent level this year and next."
Author: Burton Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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