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James Gomez Quotes

7 James Gomez quotes:

"You look at the kids, they're really committed. They put in a lot of time in the summer. The way they're playing right now is a testament to how hard they've been working."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Playing three sports he made a lot of friends. He's a popular kid on campus."
"He definitely keeps the crowd involved in the game and I think that makes a difference on why people want to be out here."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: People Quotes
"The rules of the game remain stacked against the competition."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"We gave the game away."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"We have the core of kids coming back. We can be more competitive this year."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"The best thing it does for us is it gives us confidence. The other thing is we hit the ball extremely well down here. ...I think four of our five games we had double-digit hits."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes

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