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"Winning is secondary to me to the look that I saw on the faces. We want our kids to come in here and compete. Given that standpoint, I was very pleased with our kids."
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"She needs a mother. I'm afraid I'm not much of a parent. Some people, I guess, weren't made to have kids."
Author: Stone Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"She has made measurable progress."
Author: Stone Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"I know most of the customers. I make a point to talk to them and get to know them."
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"We're going to cover just about everything. When we get rolling, we're going to cover events about as well as we've ever covered them. We may be down in some, but we're going to be stronger in others. We've been blessed with a long history of young ladies willing to work hard and that has led to a fair amount of team success over the years. I don't see any reason why this group can't continue that tradition."
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"We had some kids gone and some hurt. We didn't fill out the meet in all the events the way we normally would like to."
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"We've got a great meet schedule this year. We slipped a couple of earlier ones in there. Competition is better than practice any day."
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