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22 Randy Carlyle quotes:

"He's a superstar. He plays every situation, night in, night out, has the ability to elevate his game, and does all the things that are necessary to provide you with leadership."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"He had a large hand in our ability to win. Some nights he's required to make more stops. This was one of those nights."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"He came back with fire in his eyes, and that's what you expect out of an athlete. I was just expecting him to give us one of his best, and that's really what you expect every night."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"They provide us with the Olympic break and we have to take advantage of it. Our expectation will be for our players to come back fresh and ready."
"Our execution level was nowhere near where it needed to be,"
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"You have to play with a high level of energy night in and night out. I thought tonight was our best team effort of the year."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"I thought we deserved a better fate, but we didn't get it. There is no use worrying about it. We can't change it."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"We deserved a better fate, but we didn't get it. My message was that we worked extremely hard and did a lot of good things. We're not going to let this get us down."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"For some of these players who haven't played for some 16 months, it shows that there's a commitment to preparation and that's always a positive."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We had three two-on-ones against us today and it resulted in three goals. You don't play loose and you don't give up those types of quality scoring chances and expect to win and I think we were fortunate to get a point."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"I don't think you can really expect to win a hockey game giving up three power-play goals. In reality, you cant give up those and that's the difference in the hockey game."
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"I guess you guys have to show up for the warm-up . . . to see if he's first out. It'll force some of you guys to get up from the press meal."
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"He did everything he had to do to dominate the game. He was a force out there. I think at times we stood around and were in awe of him."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"He was a force out there at all times. He's a dominant young player. He's the real deal."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The penalty parade took us out of the game. We can't continue to give a team the quality of Dallas that many power plays. They made us pay for it. ... We took too many. They got momentum from it."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We took some inopportune penalties at critical points. We gave them too many opportunities and too many quality chances."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Our players deserve the credit. They took the responsibility. We got down 3-1, we battled back. We found a way."
"We're doing something other than going out on the ice. We just felt that with our travel schedule and the games that it was getting monotonous, redundant. What we're trying to do is just bring everybody down, regroup and focus. The mental preparation is as big as the physical preparation when you're stepping into this Game 7 scenario."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Travel Quotes
"He fits into the same category as the rest of our hockey club. We weren't good enough, and he was part of it. He wasn't as sharp as he needs to be, and the team wasn't as sharp as it needs to be."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"He's a skilled player; as with any skilled player, if you give him time and space, he's going to make plays."
Author: Carlyle Quotes Category: Space Quotes

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