Kyle Lohse Quotes

5 Kyle Lohse quotes:

"Those guys are pretty good hitters. It's good to have that kind of competition at this time of year."
Author: Lohse Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"The one where I jammed him ... he pops it up. This place is a joke and it's a home run."
Author: Lohse Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"Red Bull sales might go up."
Author: Lohse Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"It's been a little bit of a struggle for a while now. You can't go out there and hit yourself in the head every time you have games like this."
Author: Lohse Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"The way it's starting out, it's very similar to the last four or five years. Eventually, it'll work out, one way or the other. If we end up actually having some negotiations, it'll be good."
Author: Lohse Quotes Category: Work Quotes

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