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Peter Clarke Quotes

6 Peter Clarke quotes:

"We need to know where he went when he got off the bus. Until these men are arrested, they remain a threat."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"We know he traveled from West Yorkshire and arrived in London with three other men, ... We need to know his movements until 9:47 a.m."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Most of the cases that we have in the United Kingdom are as a result of intelligence that has come from overseas, or from technical means. There is not the wealth of intelligence that I would like coming from within the communities."
"Water will be sourced from the mains running between Ocho Rios and Port Maria. Water will be pumped to serve the entire area of Mango Valley and Huddersfield."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"We are trying to establish their movements in the run-up to last week's attacks, and specifically, to establish if they all died in the explosions."
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"It was nothing we expected at the start of the year, two weeks before the competition started we were struggling to have a team, but here we are in the grand final,"
Author: Clarke Quotes Category: Competition Quotes

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