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Alfred Kahn Quotes

6 Alfred Kahn quotes:

"We are very excited about partnering with Microsoft to share the 'Viva Pi–ata' universe with the world. The potent combination of the Microsoft Game Studios and 4Kids will ensure that the 'Viva Pi–ata' world, including the video game, television series and merchandising program, attracts a worldwide audience."
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"It turned out that their problems were far more fundamental (than September 11)."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"It's like saying, 'We've got 95 percent of the benefits of deregulation -- why bother going for the rest?'"
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The increasing status of Xbox 360 as the premiere next generation digital gaming and entertainment system makes this the perfect time to introduce a carefully orchestrated licensing program that expands the Xbox brand."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Entertainment Quotes
"Nobody could fly an airplane commercially on any route without specific permission from the Civil Aeronautics Board, and price competition, cutting prices, was illegal."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"We have built an impressive roster of captivating and successful children's entertainment properties. Given the increased number of brands that we are representing that focus on an older audience, we felt it would be beneficial to organize a new subsidiary primarily devoted to the marketing and licensing of these brands. We believe that we can successfully utilize our marketing and licensing expertise to build brand value for properties targeting an older consumer that are not necessarily media or character driven."
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