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12 Andy Murray quotes:

"We took advantage of our opportunities and our penalty killers stepped up."
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"Sean's got some ability, no question about it. What you need to have with Sean is to identify his role for him, and he can be very effective in that role. He's one of the better skaters in the league and he's got the ability to pull away from people."
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"We've got to fight through the negativity. The players know there's no excuse for not playing better than we did tonight. We're not on top of our game."
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"They've been good. There have been others who have been good, too. I think our final decisions here this year are going to be real tough. The thing that I've told a number of those players is, 'Whether you start the year here or not, you have to leave the camp with such a strong impression that, if something should happen, we're looking forward to getting you back up here."
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"You have to love his effort, his determination. He was dogging the puck all night and battling. It wasn't the prettiest goal in the world, but it was from our eyes."
"He is all about substance, character and determination."
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"We made some fundamental mistakes. Obviously we're disappointed to give up that many goals and get a short-handed goal scored on us at the end."
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"We actually knew it before the game. We were waiting, because (the rules say) if they score a goal with him on the ice, it doesn't count. Unfortunately, the officials were doing their job."
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"He's still here while we've sent some other young men back to Manchester, so we're pleased with how he's been working."
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"Gonzalez makes a lot of winners but he makes a lot of mistakes,"
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"I got up at 3am and couldn't sleep for an hour and a half, coming to terms with beating a guy (Roddick) who won a slam and was No. 1. But I felt good when I woke up and controlled my emotions well against Hewitt, I feel pretty good right now."
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"I think everybody just has to keep everything in perspective. I had a great year last year but I'm still only 18 and I'm playing against guys who are still higher ranked than me and have much more experience."
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