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14 Gene Munster quotes:

"It's an example of a new market that Apple could enter to capitalize on its powerful brand."
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"Now families want a second computer and the reason they want a second computer is for entertainment."
"What Apple's doing is laying the groundwork for the next frontier in home entertainment."
"Clearly, Apple is responding to competition, because they wouldn't make a move like this if there weren't competitors."
"There is a pause effect. There is a delay in manufacturing. In some ways, the March quarter and the June quarter are a victim of some of the success they have had."
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"What Apple has is great design and a great brand, ... This is the logical next step."
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"[Did Apple's designers suffer a rare brain cramp? Not likely. Rather, it looks like Jobs is making a careful gamble. He doesn't want the music-phone market to soar, at least not right away. That could cut into his iPod franchise, the source of almost all his revenue and profit growth. At the same time, he knows the mobile-phone market could be tremendously important for digital music in the future. So he's positioning Apple to be ready for a sales boom without leading the charge himself.] They don't want to cannibalize their business, ... to give people a little taste."
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"What Jobs has done. Is put out an open invitation to content providers. Apple's showing that the demand is out there, and they (content providers) need to see that their customers are coming to Apple."
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"You can't patent the alphabet. Creative and Microsoft seem to have similar claims and the reality is, there are a lot of variations you can do with the interface. One of two things will happen: Apple will get around the claim or they will tweak their existing interface enough to get around the claim."
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"[The new Napster thinks that the name has tremendous brand value.] We've done two studies with consumers, ... Seventy-five percent of people recognized the Napster brand. It's recognized as one of the biggest brands."
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"Before, I and a lot of other people thought online music services were the demand driver in themselves. But the music services are driven by the hardware side. Looking at [the media player market], you have to take it six months at a time, and over time something's got to give."
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"People want to buy digital music, but they don't know what's out there because there's no big brand,"
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"The big picture is that obviously Apple is going to try and make an assault on the living room in 2007, and they need to increase the amount of content they are selling in order to make it work."
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"Consumers are generally bashful about trying technology they don't understand. Ultimately, this will prove to be a marginally accepted product."
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