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"It’s really the only industry in Wisconsin where the government prevents price competition, ... The industry argues that’s good for the consumer. Yet everything else sold in that (gas station) is outside the minimum mark up law, which is a 9 percent minimum mark up. Each side can cite all sorts of studies, but prices will be lower."
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"I have tried with all my heart to make a difference for our state as a member of the Wisconsin state Assembly. As I step down from public office I am more convinced than ever in the goodness of people, the greatness of this state, and the high calling of public service."
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"You have to remember you're not a nightclub or wedding DJ; you're a situational DJ. If (the team is) down by three goals, you're not going to be playing something happy."
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"When you listen to music, you listen for every aspect of the game. You try and build up your arsenal to be as complete as you can and then match it (to what's happening)."
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