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Ron Moore Quotes

8 Ron Moore quotes:

"The purpose of zoning land for agricultural preservation is so that prime and unique farmland may be converted to urban use last,"
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Land Quotes
"I remember watching the Collins twins in their senior year (of high school) at Arco Arena. I'd have to say (the Lopez twins) are more developed at this point. They are really good athletes. They can run. They both have good ball-handling skills. It's been remarkable watching them grow. You wonder, when are they going to stop?"
Author: Moore Quotes Category: School Quotes
"We are proactive. We respond to complaints and proactively check neighborhoods for violations."
"It's nice on one hand because we have longer to prosecute the crimes. But on the other, we're going to have to find a place to put all of the evidence."
"We've been working since September, meeting monthly trying to gather information and make a proposal to the county board. I think this proposal is going to go forward and I think it's a good thing for our county."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"They have the work ethic. The coaches are going to love them. They're going to get better and better."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"We have no language to allow wind energy systems in our existing zoning ordinance."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"We really believe that God gives these guys a platform to share their faith."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Faith Quotes

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