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David Robinson Quotes

10 David Robinson quotes:

"Mr. Ruebhausen was a man who was deeply interested in social justice, who wanted to make the Yale Law School even better in terms of social justice and international atmosphere. His commitment to that formed a great part of his very successful life."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"If these were really 'high wage jobs,' there wouldn't be any issue at all. They were using roughly 32 union members. They wanted to take advantage of their skill and expertise, but they didn't want to pay union wages and benefits in return."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It's my first time beating them in high school. It feels great to beat them here. We knew if we came out and worked hard, we could accomplish what we wanted to accomplish."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: School Quotes
"I considered it a great compliment then and I still consider it a great compliment now."
"Dr. Resnick, welcome. It certainly is a pleasure to have you on the board and I look forward to working with you."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"If it rains, the bees go in their hives. And the rain can also cause rot, and problems with the bloom."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"Everyone started running. Everybody was panicked."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Temperatures have been running 20 to 25 degrees above normal. We're knocking on the door of one of the 10 warmest Januarys."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Higher education institutions demand an endpoint security solution that can remain up-to-date with the ever growing diversity of end user devices. Our partnership with OPSWAT ensures that our valued clients will continue to receive the industry's broadest and most advanced endpoint security management functionality available."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Diversity Quotes
"I think any player will tell you that individual accomplishments help your ego, but if you don't win, it makes for a very, very long season. It counts more that the team has played well."
Author: Robinson Quotes Category: Ego Quotes

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