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"Slowly evolving threats like Grew.A often lead to increased fear, uncertainty and doubt without the help of an intelligence provider. It makes it almost impossible for some to get qualified research data on a worm when there is so much misinformation, aliases, and other data available on the Internet."
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"It's all about hiding it so you can maintain extended control over a computer because then you can profile it and steal more. In today's world, with identity theft running rampant, they need more than just your credit card. They need to get your date of birth and your social to get maximum profit on your computer. So it's about remaining stealthy."
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"The reality is that there could have been hundreds of thousands of computers with overwritten files today. Instead, we only have a handful of reports, and that is a hands-down victory for the collaborative effort of the security community."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"It actually appears to be a pretty good design."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"It shows increased activity and viability for future Macintosh-based threats on the Mac OS X platform."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"In August, 2004, we predicted we'd see exponential growth, and that's exactly what we saw."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"WMF exploitation has taken off in the past twelve hours. It's likely that WMF exploitation will be very successful in the near term."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Historically, risk is much higher with Windows operating systems than Unix/Linux. How can I say that, look at all the major attacks. Which ones had the greatest likelihood and impact for 2005? Windows hands down."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Then, we thought maybe the police had gotten inside the group that made Sober and might be close to an arrest. But now it's likely that they found a date coded inside an earlier version of the worm."
Author: Dunham Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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