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Alan Paller Quotes

10 Alan Paller quotes:

"all the new PCs and the new Web servers, multiplied by the fear of top management about security breaches and business-stopping system failures, kept these salaries [growing] three times as fast as salaries [across all industries]."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"People have discovered that systems administrators have unfettered access to all the most private information being passed through their systems, ... With it comes a sense that there ought to be some controls on what they see and what they do with it. [However,] I have not yet seen any consensus on what they are going to do about these new discoveries."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"It turns out that the vast bulk of the federal information security money is spent on documenting these systems, not on securing or testing them against attacks. Most [agencies] are spending so much on the paperwork exercises that they don't have a lot of money left over to fix the problems they've identified."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"Fundamentally, it's an organization that is behind in making security part of its regular operations. It's very dangerous for health care data."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The mature model at CDC could offer some wonderful guidelines for long-term planning at NIPC,"
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"It's not a major risk. It's not [doing] either of the two things that are terribly damaging. One is hurting people's machines, and one is knocking things [off-line]."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Of course it's the government. Governments will pay anything for control of other governments' computers. All governments will pay anything. It's so much better than tapping a phone."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"Microsoft's delay is inexcusable. There's no excuse other than incompetence and negligence."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"It gives anyone on the Internet who comes in as a browsing user the ability to take control of your site. Instead of looking at Web pages, they can make your computer do whatever they want."
Author: Paller Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"The shortcut to improved security [is] universal, repeatable monitoring, ... The Army is now trying Harris STAT. The big difference is that NASA picked the most critical vulnerabilities rather than looking at all 2,000. The latter always leads to overload and lack of action. NASA's approach works."

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