Kenji Johjima Quotes

8 Kenji Johjima quotes:

"The first thing is to find out what kind of pitch the pitcher has confidence in throwing. He must be confident in what he is throwing to make it a good pitch."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"I don't necessarily go up to the batter's box thinking I want to hit a home run. I've been seeing the ball really well, but I didn't want to make any excuses. So when the results are good, it's satisfying."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"I don't know what exactly is the word, but all my feelings are at a higher state."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"Just because the pitcher shook off my sign, it doesn't mean all the responsibility is on the pitcher. I feel responsible for that pitch because I am the one actually giving the next sign for it."
"I want to talk with the pitchers to gain trust. Even if they don't understand what I say, they'll know I'm eager to communicate. I've heard (starting pitcher) Jamie Moyer likes wine, so I've decided to drink wine, too."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"Everyone said the language barrier was one of the issues. But when the game starts, I know how it's played. So all the conversations with the pitchers are something I know. It's not like we're going to talk about the government out there on the mound."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"I put pressure on myself. The money the club has committed to me because of my success in Japan, the success of Japanese players in the major leagues - yes, I feel pressure."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"I've seen him many times on television. I don't think I could hit him."
Author: Johjima Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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