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"I'm just looking forward to Drake right now. Games like these are why I play this game and why I came to Southern Illinois, to be on ESPN and play with these great teammates and coaches. I'm looking forward to every bit of it."
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"I was playing a high school game in the York tournament, probably up by about 30 points. There's no comparison. Playing on ESPN-U, in front of a great crowd, it's a whole different scenario."
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"I think part of that is because we're trying to push the ball a little more. But by doing that we're giving up more easy baskets than by just walking the ball up the court. I think this time around everyone else's offense has gotten a lot better. They're clicking a little more. But we haven't really played that great of defense the last four games. We've got to get back to the basics."
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"You can always play defense. No matter what you're doing offensively, defensively it's all about heart, hustle and toughness. I think that's what coach Lowery has instilled in us."
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"Coach told us we're going to win this game, but we're going to have to do it with confidence. We really just had that look in our eyes that we were not going to lose this game."
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"There's nothing like playing at home, especially when we have a big crowd here. I think we're going to come out ready to play. I know we're going to have a lot of intensity. It will be good to be back at home."
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"I know he tends to float that way, whether or not he does it on purpose. He's able to find places where the defense can't find him."
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"If I was open, I would have shot it. I was trying to draw defenders so I could kick it out, and Randal made himself open for me."
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