Alexander Milinkevich Quotes

15 Alexander Milinkevich quotes:

"Today our efforts have three fundamental objectives: free elections, freedom of speech, and free education."
"The country doesn't know what happened due to the propaganda of the state media."
"Our views differ, but we are not enemies."
"These elections are being held under conditions of total falsification and persecution of the opposition."
"The fact that the authorities announced an early date is proof of their fear. The authorities want to reduce our chances of holding meetings.... But people see such a step by the authorities as proof of their lack of confidence."
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"We'll destroy him in accordance with the constitution. We know how to do that. The law is on our side."
"We will tell our people the truth, it's up to them to decide their country's future."
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"Lukashenko grabbed victory through force and lies."
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"The main weapon of the authorities is force. Our weapon is the truth."
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"Belarus will win freedom forever in 2006."
"We will come out with flowers, we will come out peacefully, without any violence."
"An announcement will come upon results of the March 19 voting that Lukashenko has received 75 or even more percent votes."
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"Nothing happened. I was tired. They asked me to rest, something I haven't done in months."
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"We have never wanted a revolution, but many will go out in the streets [in Belarus] if the authorities are not intelligent enough."
"Our objective is to create a stir in society."

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