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Jonathan Turley Quotes

6 Jonathan Turley quotes:

"He can argue he has an evil twin, but that's it, because that evidence is rather conclusive,"
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"Whatever purpose confirmation hearings may have, this is clearly not the purpose. You have nominees talking like politicians, giving empty sound bites."
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"The president's dead wrong. When the president admits that he violated federal law, that raises serious constitutional questions of high crimes and misdemeanors."
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"This type of violation should be a textbook example of an impeachment issue because not only is it a federal crime, but it violates the doctrine of separation of powers."
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Throughout this case, the government has denied evidence for purely tactical reasons under the guise of national security."
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"If you believe the president violated criminal provisions of the law, I don't see how it wouldn't qualify. ... If the president commits a criminal act, you are obligated to hold impeachment hearings."
Author: Turley Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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