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"They run high fevers, their mouths are sore, they don't eat well, they lose weight; very debilitating disease."
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"This is a prime example of the huge threat facing businesses online today. The scariest thing is the speed at which virus-infested zombies propagate. Only a few hours are needed to infect millions of machines around the world. This should really act as a call out for businesses and consumers to take responsibility and protect themselves."
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"has operated with an extremely burdensome level of debt, which has limited capital expenditures during a period of unprecedented competitive pressure."
Author: Stanley Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"Any time you are acquiring music or hiring anyone to create music, there are sophisticated legal issues relating not only to ownership, but also to who controls the performing and publishing rights."
Author: Stanley Quotes Category: Music Quotes
"What a person won't see is what lies beneath [the fraudulent site]. We can look beyond the features sitting on the screen into what's really going on [underneath]."
"They really don't have space, but they made room."
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"There is no area of the law that doesn't get expanded and deepened once you step out of the U.S.. It's great for the legal community."
Author: Stanley Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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