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14 Allen Wallace quotes:

"He was most definitely one of the guys who got the wheels going. The advantage he had was that no one else was doing it."
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"They [Stoops and Carroll] have a unique ability to plan for the short term and the long term at the same time."
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"[USC and Oklahoma] have become the two most dominant schools in the eyes of the kids they're recruiting. Just as Bobby Bowden demonstrated over a long period of time, I think as long as Bob Stoops and Pete Carroll are there they will always have exceptional teams. It's a more complicated game now than it's ever been, but those two guys are at the very pinnacle of grasping all the nuances."
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"The existence of biases hurts recruiting ... intentionally overlooking some things just because you want to promote certain kids."
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"It doesn't even matter if a guy is highly ranked at the end. Even if a team gets a commitment from a two- or three-star guy, that's huge news (to fans)."
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"I've seen strange things happen. For those who suggested (Florida's class) was a runaway weeks ago, it's being demonstrated by our very eyes that it's not a runaway."
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"It's the best Georgia class I've seen in an awfully long time. It just looks like a typical hugely ranked class looks. You see a lot of people who are ranked in the elite ranks of their position groups."
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"The great charm of recruiting as subject matter is that we don't know. We don't know what is going to happen."
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"I think that's part of the charm of recruiting. You can never get enough great players. It's just another way to inflict injury on your rivals. That's why recruiting is so important to some people. You're winning two times. You're getting a player and you're taking him away from somebody else."
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"He has a great reputation as a linebacker, but I think he looks better running the ball."
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"I don't think people think about Zook anymore at Florida. He's just a memory there now."
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"It's like going to the courthouse and picking out 50 marriage certificates and spreading them out and saying who is going to be married 40 years from now. There are so many factors that come into play. How is a player going to mature? Is he going to have a drug problem in a couple of years? There are so many ways for a kid to go sideways, and sometimes it has nothing to do with anything negative."
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"You can have all the talent in the world and have a mediocre team. You see it all the time. The bottom line is it's all about coaching. The success of a football team has everything to do with leadership at the top."
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"Despite his physical talent, if he doesn't improve, he won't be great."
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