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Martha Rainville Quotes

7 Martha Rainville quotes:

"Having Congress or having other people call for him to be fired or call for him to resign would not be productive. That's something really only the president should decide."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I think there are a lot of good ideas there. I think, again, progress has been impeded by the polarization of the issue. And we need to look at some short-term actions that we could take to improve the system, to start helping people have health care be more affordable and accessible, while working on a longer term solution _ which takes time, it takes consensus, it takes not worrying about who gets the credit."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"You can't enjoy freedoms, you can't think about the quality of life of your citizens, you can't think of a future for your citizens or jobs or economic prosperity, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if you can't provide a level of security for the country itself."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"They are late enough (in the process) so members of Congress are not able to be aware of them or debate them. Those are the ones that are vulnerable to abuse. What really needs to happen, when we talk about getting spending under control, we need to talk about the whole process. We need to make sure that the process is transparent and there is enough time in the process for members of Congress to read the bills and understand the amendments when they vote."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I am very glad the Senate has done this. We need to approach this in a family-centered way if treatment is going to be effective for the Guard member and the family."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"It's hard for a small state, particularly here in Vermont, where we're all family. We all know each other."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"It's with a tremendous amount of sadness and regret that I announce this morning we've lost another one of our great Green Mountain Boys."
Author: Rainville Quotes Category: Regret Quotes

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