Frank O'Donnell Quotes

4 Frank O'Donnell quotes:

"Hurricane Barton has gone from a Category 5 to a Category 3. But it is still a disaster, ... weaken environmental laws, interfere with states' prerogatives and give undue aid to oil companies."
Author: O'Donnell Quotes Category: Disaster Quotes Hurricane Quotes
"This really is an open invitation to every special interest to appeal to the EPA for a break, using the hurricane as an excuse,"
Author: O'Donnell Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes Hurricane Quotes
"We know that fine particle pollution is the most lethal air pollutant, tied to a whole range of health problems."
Author: O'Donnell Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"The public should have the right to know if the air they are breathing can harm them. It is time for EPA to come clean. And tell the public the truth."
Author: O'Donnell Quotes Category: Truth Quotes

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