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Ricardo Diaz Quotes

8 Ricardo Diaz quotes:

"[The US Department of Justice] is very silent on the case,"
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"Our department is now investigating another 980 deaths of young gang members."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Death Quotes
"We want to open their eyes (employers) to see the negative impact that would be done if this proposal is approved in Congress."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Who knows? [Lacson] might not be the one alluded to or identified [as one of the officials who received information],"
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"They know that they could lose their jobs but they also understand why it was so important to come out today."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"They (US probers) are now focusing if there was a money trail. They are looking for the source of funds,"
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"There are persistent reports that Leandro Aragoncillo has been paid by some popular personalities here in this country. We would like to investigate whether there are bases or evidence to prove these reports."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"As immigrants, most of us cannot vote or defend ourselves before Congress. We are not attacking the employers we just want them to talk to their congressman about the negative change in the life of many."
Author: Diaz Quotes Category: Congress Quotes

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