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"We've long suspected that genomic changes underlie cancer risk, but that knowledge hasn't translated yet into a broadly applicable way to identify individuals most at risk. The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes implicated in breast and ovarian cancers are great examples, but they are applicable only to a small percentage -- less than one percent -- of women."
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"If everything works out -- if IGF-2 status is tied to colon cancer risk in people and the blood test is workable -- then IGF-2 status could be the colon cancer equivalent of cholesterol levels as a risk factor for heart disease. We've never had a broad molecular screening tool like that for any cancer."
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"A service provider's business is only as strong as its ability to manage its network and services delivery. In today's competitive environment, proper resource and service management is an absolute must. By partnering with NetCracker, Covad has taken an innovative and essential approach that allows it to realize the true value of its network, prevent revenue leakage, and increase customer satisfaction and retention rates. We are thrilled to be a part of Covad's market-leading strategy."
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