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12 Shannon Flaherty quotes:

"That quote comes from introductory remarks. It was just an introduction but what the congressman expressed in his letter is clearly the more accurate way of characterizing their relationship."
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"Mr. DeLay has not taken any gambling money. He doesn't believe in taking money from gambling interests."
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"As everyone who has picked up a newspaper in the last week knows, Congressman DeLay said he disagreed with the president on the Dubai ports deal."
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"Administrator Griffin and Congressman DeLay have a terrific working relationship. They are fighting for the same goals, and that's what his comments expressed."
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"Nick Lampson shouldn't pat himself on the back just yet. We have something that's more important. We have friends and supporters that voters in the 22nd Congressional District admire and respect."
"The funds were donated in full compliance with federal law and disclosed properly and publicly, but yesterday's admission of guilt and improper actions warranted our action to make something positive come of all this by donating the money to local charities rather than retaining it."
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"His tight schedule deemed these private travel arrangements necessary."
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"Sometimes people return the money, but we wanted to make sure that it would be redirected to make a positive impact. We will be cutting the checks shortly."
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"We do most of our key campaign work before early voting begins."
"But he's going to have a tough time with local GOP support. He's got more than 30 years of catching up to do."
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"I think it's a sense of our guy is under attack. Here is a man that has fought for us in the last 30 years. Now it's our time to fight for him."
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"That's the point of having a CHL (concealed handgun license) in Texas -- potential criminals should assume everyone is (carrying)."
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