Jeffrey Kahn Quotes

4 Jeffrey Kahn quotes:

"Part of what makes our country a great one is that we're willing to share our expertise. Obviously we can't allow people from outside the country to swamp the system ... so there needs to be a balance struck, and that's the trick."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"One of the unintended consequences of Roe vs. Wade is it stakes everything to viability. Well, viability moves. It's changed. In 1973, viability was a whole lot later. It's been pushed back."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Consequences Quotes
"I don't think that anybody believes that by giving somebody penicillin we're playing God, ... but we have to ask the question about how far it's appropriate to go in extending life."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"that somehow the inability of a woman to pursue a normal function due to health reasons isn't an illness."
Author: Kahn Quotes Category: Health Quotes

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