Andy Kahan Quotes

5 Andy Kahan quotes:

"I certainly would endorse and support any legislation that would give those types of offenders the ability to appeal their registration process."
Author: Kahan Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"There is no authority, there is no certain agency that monitors these types of offenders."
Author: Kahan Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"You're asking the most cunning, secretive and diabolical type of felon to be part of the honor system. It's always been befuddling to me."
Author: Kahan Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"I think that's a big difference. If the ones in the program aren't coming back to society, what's the purpose? If you're going to do it, do it for the ones that are coming out."
Author: Kahan Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"The rest of their lives, they're pegged and targeted."
Author: Kahan Quotes Category: Rest Quotes

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