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7 Grover Norquist quotes:

"If you could clone Karl and bring in someone who had his talent and instincts, but not the relationship with Bush, it would be 50-60% as good."
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"Colorado is in much better shape than other states because for 10 years it has had some modest discipline."
"The Coburn amendment was an incredibly important thing. Instead of gentlemen deferring to each other, we saw a humiliating vote on a colleague's efforts to loot the general public."
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"There are going to be some bruised feelings. There's a sense that the White House asked us to salute without any preparation. But those bruised feelings will get better over time."
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"There are going to be some bruised feelings,"
Author: Norquist Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"On the right, we simply have to knock down the lies; we don't have to shout."
"The use of controlled substances for legitimate research purposes is well-established, and has yielded a number of miracle medicines widely available to patients and doctors. This case should be no different. It's in the public interest to end the government monopoly on marijuana legal for research."
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