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"Computer Associates simply has a bigger database, and its technology is faster and has more scanning ability. We felt this was the best antispyware that we could offer our members."
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"It's skyrocketing. It's the most potentially destructive danger on the Internet."
Author: Weinstein Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"There's a lot of movement in the browser area now, and consumers are clearly looking for a choice. We look forward to talking to other PC manufacturers about offering consumers a similar choice."
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"We gave them a generic list of aggregated and anonymous search terms, but no results or personally identifiable information."
"AOL gives consumers a tremendous amount of options on what information they want collected."
"Once the computer is infected the hacker can track every key stroke or steal all of your personal information."
"Users don't want to spend time trying to figure out if something is a security risk. This way, they can see that it is, delete it and move on."
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"We did not comply with the request made in the subpoena. Instead, we gave the Department of Justice a list of aggregate anonymous search terms that did not include results or any personally identifiable information."
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"As we've said, we support interoperability of instant messaging. We are working with the IETF and think the standard should protect the privacy of AOL's users. We're also working with Apple, Sun, Real Networks, and Novell to move to a standard. Currently our service is interoperable with Lotus IBM, and a week ago, we made it interoperable with Novell's."
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"We stopped doing this in practice more than a year ago, but this codifies it into the actual policy. It was a very small part of the business and members told us they didn't want it."
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"We support the FTC's efforts to fight spyware and we will continue to protect our member from those problems,"
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