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"He's a legitimate starter in our eyes. Thus far, he's done everything we've asked him to."
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"He was here all winter, all spring, had a tremendous amount of consistency and made a lot of plays on the ball throughout the offseason. His misfortune was he missed almost all preseason."
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"Our defense did a great job,"
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"We have to see, ... He missed all of preseason, he's been a good quality player for the Packers for a long time, (but) I think we have to get into the ballgames before we can say, 'Hey, he fits into the scheme.'"
"He's improving. He's still learning a position. He's been moved around a lot."
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"There's been a learning curve with him as far as not having Randy, who adds a totally different dimension to the offense. He's made several big throws, and when he gets more comfortable, he'll be back. There's no doubt about it."
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"We just have to sort through that and keep improving. They've shown on the practice field they can do it, but have to carry it to the field. We have to sort this out and get both guys playing at high level."
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"It's been a rough week for practice as far as (who is) in and out. We've had guys miss all week. That's hurt on preparation."
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"There was progress made last week. We wouldn't have held up against the run as well as we did against McGahee if we didn't play well inside."
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