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"It's very hard. It's such a long season ... it's very hard to maintain the consistency and play well."
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"It is playoff time. Whoever responds and changes quicker is going to win four games and then go to the next round. So I think it's pretty much time for us to respond and make some different decisions and then win the game."
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"There's no relaxing. The more intensely you can get into the game, the better you are going to play. So I would keep intensity as much as I can and just pour all your energy into that game. We've got three or four days until the playoffs, so if we win we can sleep two days in a row."
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"I didn't sleep for a long time, especially knowing we had a chance to go all the way to the end and win a championship. We got stuck in the seventh game against New York, but just from seeing how disappointed the players were and the coaching staff, not going all the way, I realized everybody was going to be motivated. Fortunately for us, it happened three times."
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