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Brian Finneran Quotes

6 Brian Finneran quotes:

"Chris McAlister is probably the toughest defensive back for a wide receiver. It's a combination of his size and strength. He's the whole package. Troy Vincent , Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson are up there, too, but McAlister is the whole package."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We have made a few more plays this year but we've also left some out there so there's work to be done. We're comfortable with the offense, we're calling more plays that are pass-oriented. We're making more plays, getting more opportunities to make plays. That's the biggest thing, getting more chances to make plays downfield."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Matt's been confident since he showed up here. He's had control of the huddle in practice and training camp and in the games he's been in. When his contract's up (after next season) it's going to be interesting to see what happens with that guy."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"Matt's been confident since he showed up here, he's had control of the huddle, in practice, in training camp. In the games he's played in, he's always been confident in his ability."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"That's the nature of the offense. We have such good running backs and offensive linemen, I'm sure we'll go with that until we struggle. But I'd like to see us up around 30 passes a game so people will stop asking the receivers about it."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"It was pretty quiet at times. The potential to fill the place was always there, but it just took the right kind of owner and a good team to change the experience for everyone."
Author: Finneran Quotes Category: Potential Quotes

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