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"He's got tremendous ability, and we all know he's a great kid. He'd be a joy to work with, and he's got some weapons around him to make him better. Through a lot of hard work, there's another level there for him to reach."
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"His workout was super. He did a great job. He put on a show. He made every throw."
Author: Kubiak Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Oh, yeah, I was a worrier when I was a player. So I don't really tell players not to worry. I tell them to study, to do the work and just play."
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"He's a tremendous athlete, and as coaches in this league, you look for guys who can bail you out, so to speak. [Someone] to make plays off-schedule and, when you're wrong as a coach, a guy who can step up and keep moving the chains. Vince is an extremely gifted young man. The plays he can make off-schedule are probably second to none."
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"He's very competitive and got in an environment where everybody wanted to see him operate. He did a great job."
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"I look forward to working with David. As long as he knows that's the direction we want to head, I know he'll do his part. I know he's a great kid, a great young man. And that's all you can ask for - a great kid that's willing to work."
Author: Kubiak Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"I'm going to make (Carr) successful, I'm confident of that. He's a great kid. We have to go to work and get it done... I'm a fan of his. There is no reason he can't succeed. That's my job, my challenge."
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