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Rick Glancey Quotes

6 Rick Glancey quotes:

"If those that are supposed to protect the laws are in danger than what about those that they are trying to protect, they're in danger as well."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"We control the next line of funding."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"There are some issues that face local law enforcement especially in the rural areas the southwest United States and those have to be accounted for."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I think it is safe to say Chairman Sensenbrenner understands that border security is the third part of the equation. Without it you don't have homeland security and national security."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We are 26 sheriffs committed to the exact same thing: border security and how it affects the rural areas of the southwest border with Mexico."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"What this latest incidence underscores is the necessity of increased support for local law enforcement to aid improving our border security. If this doesn't open D.C.'s eyes, I don't know what will."
Author: Glancey Quotes Category: Law Quotes

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