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30 Eric Wedge quotes:

"I don't see how a player could handle the adversity that he went through better than he did. He was there for his teammates."
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"One of his biggest attributes is his ability to make adjustments. When we look back at the end of the year, we're going to see a guy who's had an outstanding year."
Author: Wedge Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"That's quite an accomplishment for anyone, much less for a guy in his first full season in the majors,"
Author: Wedge Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"It's a tribute to those five guys' work ethic, their ability to maintain a routine and go out and get the job done."
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"Come Monday, we'll probably be leaning in one direction. But it's going to be a mid- to late-week before we make a final decision. We want to let this one play out."
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"These guys deserve a great deal of appreciation for what they've done, but it might be tough to recognize that today."
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"Yesterday, I think he was more than just fighting himself mentally, he felt really good in the bullpen. He's still coming back. You sometimes take a step back and two steps forward. I think we'll keep his pitch count down the first month and then round them up a little after that. I think he's going to be fine."
"It was kind of a crazy game. But I'm proud of the way our guys kept fighting."
"You make a commitment to something and you see it through to the best of your abilities. Once Strike One became solidified, we knew we always wanted to put together an organization like this one."
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"Whether it's a first-year guy in the organization or a veteran guy, every conversation has a different dynamic."
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"This guy's really turned the corner. He's more consistent and more confident. Even in conversation, you can tell his development has come a long way."
Author: Wedge Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"Ramon Vazquez has done this job before, and he is a good compliment to the other guys we have in the infield. Brandon is a good ball- player with a bright future ahead of him. He got to the big leagues at an early age, and it just didn't work out."
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"C.C. was a little off. He didn't quite have the command and consistency he usually does. But he really competed to get us through five innings, and it paid off."
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"It's a testament to his consistency. It's a testament to his being mentally tough enough not to give in."
Author: Wedge Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"We had a sloppy first game after that rain delay. But the last couple days, we played good ball. That's what it takes."
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"We don't have too many decisions to make."
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"We have to do a better job of awareness. We need to get back to it."
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"I just had an issue with some of the balls-and-strikes calls. I didn't think I did much to get tossed, but he did and that was the end of it. I just felt like there were a couple of questionable calls."
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"The last two nights, and really the whole series, I felt we played pretty good baseball. It was good to see."
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"You have to take some responsibility. If you don't, you shouldn't be doing this."

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