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"If we're playing at America West Arena, obviously we're not at home, but our 4,000 fans will make it feel like home. That's a pretty good advantage, but it just is what it is. It's not something that we worry about."
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"Kristen has a lot of friends, and she has a lot of people that want to do things for her, because she's always doing things for a lot of people. She's very giving and very considerate. We have relied on Kristen so much from the day that she got here. To be our primary low block presence and defender, she's never disappointed."
"This team is making me look good right now. We had no choice. We had no margin of error and, honestly, because we had seen everybody. We saw what they had, and we saw what we had, and we knew we were the better team."
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"We can only control what we do, not what other teams do."
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"That's the awesome blend of this team -- the veterans and the new players. We have the ability to sub deep into our bench and different people have stepped up on different days."
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"We set out at the beginning of the season to take the next step this year. So I know that in their minds that's their goal, to go at least one step further than we went last year. I think that would be outstanding for us to be able to do."
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"We got tentative, we lost our aggressiveness at both ends. We made some goofy turnovers. We knew they would make a push with Wiggins and Smith, but I felt good about our chances."
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